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The pack for the hard core long distance backpacker and for technical day adventures. Thanks to its special design it gives you incredible carrying comfort with the versatility and durability of a frameless backpack.
This awesome pack has the perfect combination of carrying comfort, ultralight weight, and a set of features that make it super versatile.

How is it so comfortable?

The BUTTERFLY compartments:

The BUTTERFLY Waist belt:

How to load up your frameless pack:


  • Ultra comfortable curved and wide shoulder straps.
  • Load lifters for pulling the load close to your back.
  • Uniquely designed pack shape makes the load ride high and close to your center of gravity,  prevents the pack from pulling you backward and down, providing increased carrying comfort.
  • Optional removable waist belt provides excellent weight transfer and great freedom of movement.
  • Two open side pockets for bottles or long objects.
  • Hydration bladder hanger and two hydration ports.
  • Multiple fastening points on the front, back, and bottom of the pack allows you to connect additional gear with a lightweight cord.
  • Large front pocket made of durable mesh.
  • Main compartment made of white fabric, allows light to enter the pack and makes finding gear easier.
  • Made in Israel.

Pack: 505 Grams / 18 Ounce
Removable Waist belt: 82 Grams / 3 Ounce
Removable Sternum strap: 21 Grams / 0.7 Ounce
Removable Tools attachment set: 9 Grams / 0.3 Ounce
Total when using all the components and one tools attachment set: 617 Grams / 22 Ounce

Total: 47  liters / 2900 cubic inches
Main compartment
, without the extension collar (bottom to load lifters): 24  liters / 1500 cubic inches
Extension collar: 9  liters / 560 cubic inches
Mesh compartment: 9  liters / 560 cubic inches
Side pockets: 2.5  liters / 150 cubic inches - in each pocket.
This structure with these volume proportions allowing flexibility in the transition between large capacity and a minimalist and compact package, and allows you to keep your gear well organized.

Comfortable load range:
With waist belt: 13.5 kg / 30 Pounds
Without waist belt: 9 kg / 20 Pounds
Load range meaning - The weight which the pack feels very comfortable and stable with. You can easily carry a heavier load, but it will slightly decrease comfort. You can carry a much heavier load without worrying about the pack durability.

Dimention-Polyant Laminated fabric. Completely waterproof, tough and lightweight.
We use two thicknesses:
VX-07 for most of the pack.
VX-21 for parts that are exposed to higher wear.