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It all began when I made gear for my own personal use.
I needed comfortable, functional, and durable gear. Gear that I can trust.
Friends who saw the gear wanted one for themselves, the rumor spread, and it quickly became a business.
After several years of developing and manufacturing gear for backpackers, guides, military units and professional users of all kinds, I decided to take all the experience and knowledge and open up Sabra Gear.

At Sabra Gear we develop, manufacture, and sell gear you can trust.
Gear that will allow you to do your mission in the best and most comfortable way.
We manufacture in Israel under strict quality control, using the best materials available and working with our customers and professional users so we can constantly improve our designs and make for you the best gear out there.

We do it from the heart, we are proud of it and enjoy every second of it.

Sabra Gear
Eran Man, CEO and owner


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